Sailor, Model, Photographer


On the international regatta race course, Peter Hurley was first tapped as a model (as a US champion sailor) for Ralph Lauren Polo and  Ambercrombie & Fitch during his successful bid to make the US Sailing Team bound for The Syndey Summer Olympic Games in 2000. Renowned sailing photographer Bruce Webber, in working closely with Hurley, encouraged him to try his hand as a professional shooter.

Sailor defines all the American model handsome and fitness

Hurley gets into the shooting business and in just a manner of a few years grow his work to a national reputation in several subjects. The least of which is sailing and fashion. I happen to know him as a personal friend through competitive sailing. His down to earth nature, engaging personality and modesty for his work and sailing accomplishments  are his trademarks. In his mastery of photography, these very trademarks contribute to the winning combination of artistry and professionalism.

His commercial  work as seen below is yet another of his subjects bringing him fame  from LA to NYC and beyond America. Recently Hurley shot the wrap-up of the primetime television show, LOST. Please see the link below for photos. This author is featured in one of Hurley’s session video narratives. Peter was memorable for his wit and energy; his praise of the subject’s poise.

New York Times Best Selling Author

In his studio portraiture work Hurley draws out the alluring, the beauty, the style. Of his technology he works with basic lighting & screening. With a little ambient music he shoots his photos linked to the tethering for real time viewing of the photos. He is currently featured in and posts videos of shooting sessions: “How To Get The Perfect Headshot.” His Facebook page integrates professional and personal commentary providing frequent tips, answers and friendly exchanges.

Lighting up seductiveness

His website (see link below) is thoroughly organized, detailed, and inspiring. It took much effort and communication with his studio to decide on photos for this posting. I am inspired by Hurley not only as a friend but as a professional thoroughly in his artistic element. To be able to shoot the way he does, tell you about it, share it; is to me a true artist 

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