Depth of Field in a Nutshell

“If you are new to photography, you have probably heard the term depth of field being mentioned in various photography websites, blogs or forums. You would probably be wondering what depth of field means and how it can help you in taking better pictures. Whether you are into portrait, landscape, sports, wedding or other forms of photography, depth of field is an important concept you have to understand. It is not complicated to understand and can become one of your best tools in photography.

Yorkshire Grit

"Yorkshire Grit" captured by Tony Taffinder

Depth of field or DOF in short, refers to the range of distance within a scene that is considerably sharp. To achieve that effect, we have to understand how it works, now that we know the definition. There are scientific ways to explain DOF but I will not try to bore you with it. I will use simple layman terms to explain what it is and how you can use it to your advantage to produce stunning pictures.

Rua do Comércio

"Rua do Comércio" captured by José mbrito

Have you ever seen landscape pictures that are sharp across the entire scene? There are several reasons to this. One of the main reason for the sharpness is due to deep depth of field. Deep DOF means the range of distance within a scene that is considerably sharp, is wide, covering a wider depth in the scene. This resulted in a picture that is considerably sharp across the entire scene.

Town Walks

"Town Walks" captured by Alex Lewis

Deep DOF is important when taking pictures of landscape as you want all details from the foreground through to the background in the scene to be reasonably sharp. It is also important when taking group shots as you do not want anybody in the picture to be out of focus.”

I chose this artcle just beacuse just like my last artcile about aperture these are the types of photos that I really like and plan to use both techniques when putting together my book. To read the rest of the article visit

author: SSINGH


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