The Art of Sailing Art

 Sharon Green, for more than 25 years, has been a world renowned photographer for shooting national and international sailing competitions and makes a substantial living selling her work in many mediums, most noteably, eagerly anticipated calendars. Many yacht sailors and sailing crew find themselves published in their sailing glory.

The drama of the bow meeting ocean

I wanted to share her work as a sports action photographer who got her start as a teenager. As a competitive sailor and continued interest in sports and maritime photography, I find her work not only inspirational but a study in the art of shooting in extreme conditions of weather, winds, action and drama.

Bright Colors

Dynamic colors are the rule

The approach to shooting sailing competitions requires a walk on the thin line of safety and clearance of the vessels under full power around the race course. Many high level professionals make use of helicopters, high speed power boats, professional crew, and sophisticated navigation. Sharon has been known to put on a diving suit and with waterproof gear shoots at areas where the racing teams are rounding the buoys while swimming about to get the low angle shots.

I believe a significant advantage for optimal imaging is the obvious natural light of all kinds and at any hour of the day. A visual bonus is the motion of open oceans and waterways surfaces as the boats underway offer the dynamic relationship of waves to vessels. And the environmental backdrops like the mountain terrain in the above photo provides scale and elemental composition.

Hightech sailing takes a shutter speed to the hilt

Requiring high shutter speeds to create the drama of motion reveals the exciteable art of sailing. This photo of the “Moth”  in the above photo at a national regatta on the Columbia River in Oregon/ Washington comes with roaring winds driving between mountain ranges, up river from the Pacific.  Though in light and shifting winds can be the rule of the day, the shooting skills require a relaxed patience and a look at other features of the sailing underway. The below photo is a fleet sailing in tapering winds as the sun makes it’s descent.

The Golden Hour  and this tapering wind,  is oftentimes a popular shooting hour for the sailing scene. Radiant colors and shadowing gives you the romantic take on sailing; always a favorite for any enthusiast of the “art of sailing art.”

The romance and the “Golden Hour”

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Photos by Sharon Green
Ultimate Sailing

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