This is an entry I found online about critiquing photographs with some good thoughts.

“how exactly how do you critique photographs? As I say in my classes, “Saying wow, neat or cool is not critiquing photographs.”

“These criteria apply regardless of the photographic style, media, genre, format, etc. These criteria analyze how the viewer experiences a given photograph.”

How is the light used?

Is the light harsh or soft?

How is time or motion used?

Is the lens choice appropriate for the image?

How is the white balance? Appropriate for image?

Does the composition flow?

Is the depth of field or what is in focus help or hurt the image?

Does the viewers eye flow through the image easily?

“There are no right or wrong answers for any of these questions. The point is to be asking as many of these questions as you can about the image in front of you, so you can critique it intelligently. The long-term goal is to take that same analytical process of deconstructing images and then applying it to your making of new photographs. It is a long process, to learn how to do this automatically. But once you do, your photography will improve immensely.”



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