My Glass Eye

Owen Billcliffe is a stills photographer and TV camera operator, born in Scotland but now based in London. This is his photoblog, a personal site to post photos that he wants to share but don’t always fit in his portfolio.

Shooting unit stills or reportage at events he generally turns in un-processed shots, but most of his personal images are processed in Photoshop. He usually posts basic details of the techniques in the info for each post.

I think out of all the pictures I looked at of his the one that I like the most was the last one I inserted. It’s titled “Noel”. I thought it was going to be about Christmas or something but when it loaded it was the alphabet. But it’s missing the letter ‘L’. Get it? No ‘L’. =)  I like how he uses photoshop to enhance his pictures. The random pictures he has on his site are really neat, I enjoyed looking at some of his different photo techniques. If you go to the News section on the site there’s a lot of interesting stuff on there too, including Apps he recommends.

Author: LBuckheit


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