Rule of Thirds

Bumblebee on zinnia

Bumblebee on zinnia

“This type of photography composition divides the image into a grid of nine equal sections. Key points of interest are placed at, or close to, one or more of the intersections while the dominate lines in the image follow close to the horizontal or vertical lines of the grid.”

Waiting for death

Waiting for death

“This technique adds a sense of balance to the image that is naturally appealing to the human eye. Most people tend to move their focus to these intersections naturally. When you use the rule of thirds you are placing key points of interest in the locations the viewer is most likely to look to on their own. This is one of the things that makes the rule of thirds so pleasant to the eye.”

Male statue

Male statue

article by: Randy McKown

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Rule of thirds is the most basic composition guideline in photography. When i think of rule of thirds Ithink of it as an imaginary tic tac toe board drawn into 9 equal squares.  By using the rule of thirds the human eye will be more strongly drawn to certain parts of the image. I chose to this article because I sometimes tend to forget to use “Rule of Thirds” when taking a photo. 

author: SSINGH


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