Tony Travouillon: A Tsunami By Degrees

A massive tsunami wave, capable of wreaking untold havoc upon impact, were it to ever crash to shore…

These breath-taking photographs were captured by Tony Travouillon. As impressive as they are, they are made even more so by the fact that the images have no been doctored in any way.

The images were taken by Travouillon during an expedition to Antarctica while working on his doctorate in astrophysics.

The pictures of the frozen ‘waves’ caused quite a stir when they began making the rounds on the Web. More of the story behind these images after the jump.

Eventually, they came to the attention of Hoax-Slayer, a website devoted to investigating the facts behind such unusual items. They determined that the photos were genuine, but that their description as ‘frozen tidal waves’ was inaccurate.

The claims that the chill Antarctic air froze a tsunami in mid-air are exaggerations, as the frozen wave is a gradual effect which can be explained by science.

Nevertheless, these photographs are are a well-composed record of a phenomenon that the vast majority of people would never get to see in person.


To see more of Tony’s photographs from exotic locales, check out his website.


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