Keegan Gibbs

The subject of this post is the photographer Keegan Gibbs, who also happens to be the photographer I have chosen to write my report on.

Gibbs has an extensive portfolio full of portraits, nature, surf and skate photography (he works with the company RVCA), and he also has many urban shots. Keegan follows graffiti artists around and documents everything they do, from picking out ideal spots to tag, and the way they get to the spots.

What I noticed and liked a lot about the graffiti photos was that they had kind of a grainy quality to them. Along with what he shoots, he has a good style. He knows how to use lighting to his advantage, even if it might be over or under exposed. He also shoots at interesting angles which makes for a good shot.




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  1. Leslie Sinclair

    Thanks for sharing. I love the different perspectives and use of patterns in his work. Looking forward to hearing more about him when your presentation.

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