Night Photography Tips & Techniques


Cable Car

"Cable Car" captured by Thomas Hawk


“Familiarize yourself with some of the settings, which vary based on model. Experiment and test before you need these settings so you can learn what your camera can do and how to do it. Most of the settings you’ll find can be overlooked — they’re for something else. Set the camera’s clock while you’re in there and your photos will all be date- and time-stamped.”

Benidorm at night from Gran Hotel Bali

"Benidorm at night from Gran Hotel Bali "captured by Dara Robinson

“Changing the ISO or ASA speed setting from ‘auto’ to a high number makes the camera much more sensitive to light. If you look at the internal information in photos you’ve taken, it probably includes the ‘film speed’ the camera used. 100 and 200 are common. Lower numbers mean there’s so much light you can afford to throw some away to get rich, deep colors and eliminate blur. Manually pushing the speed up to 1600 means you squeeze every bit of the meager light for all its worth. You’ll sacrifice some color range and depth, but your photos won’t be a blur of black shadows. Don’t forget to change it back to ‘auto’ when you’re done or your next photos will be too bright. Some cameras go back to ‘auto’ when you turn the camera off. Test yours. Film users can buy a roll of high-speed film if you know you’ll need it for low-light shots.”

The Colosseum

"The Colosseum" Photo captured by Tommy Hannon

I selected this information from previous discussions we’ve had in class about shooting photos at night. The article talks about changing settings such as ISO, Aperture, and shutter speed. I think the only way you can become really good at night photography is just by experimenting with the settings and see what works.

Bund in the night

"Bund in the night" captured by DSP Reddy

Moonlight over Redoubt

"Moonlight over Redoubt" captured by Dale "Gene" Stockton

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