Greg Kendall-Ball

Greg Kendall-Ball is an experienced photographer based in Abilene, Texas who has traveled the world helping non-profits, NGOs and corporations tell their story by capturing compelling images. Greg’s recent assignments have taken him from the top of a 300-foot wind turbine in Snyder, TX to a camp for internally displaced people in Northern Uganda. Working as a freelance photojournalist, he has covered celebrities at black-tie galas, and refugees working for minimum wage.

"Across The Bridge"

"Nothing to see here"

"Something there is that doesn’t love a wall"

"Apartment Fire"

I selected Greg Kendall-Ball because he’s just a random guy from Texas. He’s not super famous or anything but he takes really good pictures. He’s traveled around the world doing what he loves and it’s kinda just really awesome that he does that. I think others will think he’s interesting and I enjoyed creeping on his blog and learning about him, so maybe you guys will too. He really does have some sweet pictures. Take a look at his archives.

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  1. JRF

    I am hav ing trouble finding the boxes in which to type username and password; though I printed instructions from my professor.
    I have tried on my laptop and a pc. Please advise.
    Lewes, DE
    Delaware Tech
    Ps. great posting1

    • LBuckheit

      Um. Go to
      And at the top left hand corner you should see username and password it’s in a dark grey box at the top of the screen..
      I dunno how better to explain it. I’m sorry!

      Good luck, and thanks. =)

  2. Leslie Sinclair

    Thanks for sharing this information about Greg Kendall-Ball. I am looking forward to your presentation and learing more! Leslie

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